Portrait Session Sophia



Sophia and me are friends through the annual musical productions of the Cals College, which we both have been a part of for quite a few. Apart from taking photos from her there, while she was dancing or acting her socks off, I'd never taken some photos of here outside of this setting.

And when I was walking around with the idea to update my Portrait portfolio, or at least do a portrait session again, I figured why not ask her?

So, I set out to grab some ideas I had laying around and starting crafting sort of a moodboard for myself. When I had, kind of, a vision for the photos, I contacted Sophia with my idea and she was instantly on board. We decided to simply do this on a Time for Photos basis.

We set out to take photos inside 'de Kom', the local theatre in Nieuwegein, where I also work as a theatre technician. This helped out quite a lot, for me, since I'm quite well known with the place and the spots it has to offer.

At first, I wanted to do it all natural light, but I soon found out all my window light would be coming from the back of the model, so I pretty much got out my flash as soon as the session started.

We covered quite a couple of places inside the theatre and soon found ourselves back in the entrance hall, a couple hundred photos later.

But, as always, you've gotta bring it down to the absolute best of the best. :)

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