Castlefest Winter



Another Vana Events festival, but now one during the winter. Castlefest Winter Edition's second year was celebrated well with lots of awesome people.

This year was the first year for Castlefest Winter being organised outside. Outside in Winter was something that was a bit scary, according to Mark (the organiser), but it turned out great if you ask me.

The decoration team once again outdid itself with great decoration all over the terrain, but especially with King Yule/King Winter, who had some incredible detail.

The number of live acts planned for this two day festival were a lot less then Castlefest held in the summer, but considering that the grounds were kept a lot smaller and there was just the one stage, it was a good amount. The whole festival was just like Castlefest (summer) but more decorated towards winter and a lot more intimate.

Still, all the live music was absolutely cool and there were some great, great performances. One highlight, for me personally, was seeing Einar Selvik perform one of his more intimate, acoustic sets, which was a joy to experience.

Also Shireen and Cesair were present once again, which I took a couple of photos of as well. (Of which I shared albums of on Facebook, in case you're interested to see more.)

And it wouldn't be Castlefest if it wasn't for a ritual. To celebrate Yule there was a Yule fire introduced and lit by Einar, which people could then take a light from to take home. It started with a piece by Einar, a capella, which instantly silenced the crowd, after which the fire pit was lit. And when the wind caught the flames, it all truly came to life.

But, also, there was so much more then just the performances and ritual. A couple of storytellers were, of course, present and held a good grip over the audiences with their words. And also lots and lots of stands, where you could browse from cloths to swords.

The closing act of the festival, on Sunday, was Cesair, which I actually took a whole lot more photos of then I can show here, but if you would like to see them, you can easily find them in my photo albums on Facebook.

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