Haunted Castle


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My second festival photographing for Vana Events. Haunted Castle is a halloween/horror festival, with four main attractions. I've documented the festival over the full two days and caught some brilliant reactions, with help of the awesome scare actors.

The four main attractions of the festival were scattered all over the terrain, with every now and then some shows in between.

Two haunted houses were the biggest of the attractions. They were build in a big tent, in which was created a maze-like pathway. So, even though the tents weren't that big, the path within was over 100 meters each.

The two remaining attractions were a really dark walk through the forest, geared with a special lantern. :)
And, also, a semi zombie-walk where you'd be chased by zombies and other scary things and people.

Even though I didn't know what to expect, I had such a blast. Of course the vibe was amazing, but also working together with a lot of the scare actors to capture some of the perfect reactions was so so awesome. Even just watching as the people came through and the actors scared them was a lot of fun.

I took a lot, a lot more photos. To see some of the highlights, click on one of the images in this blogpost or click here.

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