Wedding Johann & Cora


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"I'm not a wedding photographer."

That is always my first response when somebody asks me if I would want to shoot their wedding. But, considering the fact that Johann & Cora are family of a good friend of mine and they weren't looking for a conventional wedding album and all that stuff, I considered their question and finally said yes.

They told me they just wanted some good quality photos taken of how the day unfolded and went. I can do that.

Nevertheless, I did do some research into wedding photography and everything surrounding it.
Even if they didn't want a conventional wedding shoot, I better know what to expect, still.

So, basically, I followed the couple around all day, documenting everything that happened, from unwrapping gifts to saying 'I do'.

It was great fun and it was quite the special day. The couple looked beautiful all day and the guests all looked so happy as well.

Seeing that I actually knew a couple of the guests already, I had to excuse myself a couple of times, though, when I saw a moment unfold. After all, I was there with a job to do. :)

I took a lot more photos then I'm going to put in one blog post, but if you want to see more, have a look at the client gallery I sent to the couple of that day.

All my best and blessings, Cora & Johann!

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