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Over the course of a couple batches of furniture to photograph, I've build a good working relationship with Ronald of Objets Trouvés.

Objets Trouvés is a one-man online shop designed to sell used vintage furniture and other finds.

Ronald makes his way to other countries every once in a while to look for all this and mostly he comes back with a whole other batch, which is the point he's going to contact me to plan another shoot.

For Objets Trouvés, Ronald told me, he wasn't looking for the perfect, well edited, photos. He wanted to have decent quality photos for on his webshop, but I didn't have to edit away any flaws in the furniture.

But, I have to say, he mostly comes back with stuff which is in (almost) mint condition. And if it isn't, he gives it his all to make it 100% again.

For taking the photos, we mostly just use anything and everything that Ronald has available in the house. For instance, in the photo above the products are actually set on a little cabinet that's also for sale.

If you want to see more of Objets Trouvés, consider a visit at: objetstrouves.nl
They have some cool stuff, for sure.

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