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I visited Norway this August, as a holiday and a sort of get-away.
It was during the summer brake, but I hadn't really gotten out of the country yet. So, I decided, pretty much put all my stuff in the car and took off.

I'd never been to Norway before, but now that I have I'm wondering why it took me so long. It has to be said.. It is an amazing country.

When I arrived, by boat, in Oslo, I honestly didn't know what I was going to do, or which way I wanted to go. So what I ended up doing was looking up the nearest campground which was a little ways out of downtown Oslo and set up camp there for the night. It also didn't help that we arrived in the country somewhere around 7 pm.

So, having everything set up and finally having a moment to light up a smoke, grab a drink and think for a second, I launched Google Maps on my phone and took a look around, on the map, on the areas around Oslo.

This was, for the most time, the way I was getting around or was finding the spots I wanted to go to. - You'd be surprised how detailed Google Maps can be.. - Although I did buy a map a good week and a half in. Just because it was a bit more convenient then Google Maps. Although, this might also be due to my slow old phone. :)

Even just driving from point A to point B proved to hold so many beautiful places and opportunities to shoot photos. It was just a gorgeous drive, all the way. If you have time, that is.

There's a lot of opportunity to cut time, if you're driving over there. The Norwegians love their tunnels. But, roads that go over the mountains, instead of thru it, are luckily almost always there, even though they're real narrow. But they're quiet, though, most of the time.

But, because of all those beautiful spots along the way, I just sometimes had to force myself to keep driving. If I were to stop at every corner and view I would've never made it far. But, at some incredible waterfalls and views I just had to stop and drag the equipment out of the car or out of the pack.

And since I wasn't in an area with a lot of light pollution I just had to, of course, take some photos at night.

There were some incredible views and clear nights, and I even had some encounters with the Milky Way. :)

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