Castlefest 2015


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Castlefest - summer edition 2015.

This annual festival has always held a special place, for me. I just love the vibe and energy of this festival. So, when a good friend of mine showed me a Facebook post with the message that they were looking for photographers, I instantly jumped on it.

Because, honestly, whether I were to go as a guest or as crew of the Social Media Team, the camera was coming with me, anyway.

So, Castlefest 2015 was, for me, the first year as a member of the crew.

We received a schedule and a list of interesting extra stuff to take photos of and off we went. About 10 photographers strong, we covered everything and anything the festival has to offer. From all the amazing bands and acts to the story tellers to the amazing guests of this festival.

The goal of the Social Media team was to, if possible, get photos out on the internets of acts happening right now. So, if you took photos of a band playing, you were to make sure you had good shots, edit them asap and off they went, out to the Facebookz or the Twitter.

Even though I'd never shot photos this way, I liked it very much. There's some down and upsides, as with anything, but I think it's cool people at home got to experience a little bit of what was happing right at that moment.

Being with 10 photographers strong, we also didn't have to shoot photos all the time. We had plenty of free time planned in the schedule, so we could go see our favourite bands or acts. But, to be honest, I don't think any of us went without a camera. We are photographers, after all. :)

Castlefest Festival 2015This is a wide shot, taken at the performance of Euzen, at the 2015 edition of the Castlefest Festival. Castlefest is a festival organised by Vana Events.

Arriving on Wednesday evening, to set up the tents, receiving the volunteer info and getting all the wristbands and stuff and taking photos from Thursday thru Sunday, I was exhausted on Sunday evening. After the afterparty with almost all the crew of the festival and the guests who were staying a night more at the campgrounds, I was glad to be laying down in my tent. But, it had been awesome.

I shot many many photos over the course of the weekend, and the photos in this post, are just some of the highlights. To see a couple more, click any of the photos in this post, which will take you to an album of my photos of Castlefest 2015.

Onto the next festival. Where to next? :)

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