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So, I got a new camera and when it arrived I, of course, had to try it out. Not only because it was new, for me, but also since it's my first full-frame camera I had see and experience how wide, or not, my lenses got.

All the cameras I owned previously were DX-cameras. This means that, for instance, my 20-35mm lens, in fact was something along the lines of a 30 to 45mm when I put it on one of my previous cameras.

So, when my first FX-camera (full frame) arrived, I had to try it out. See what 20mm really looked like.

I decided to go to a river which is close to home, called "de Lek". I got there just a bit before sundown and spent the first bit looking for a good spot to set up my camera.

When I first thought a had a good spot, however, I instantly found out that I was still looking at my surroundings with a DX-camera in mind. When I looked through the viewfinder in the camera, my object of focus (let's call the fence a subject ;) ) was much further away then I intended and thought it would be.

So, when I finally found my composition, I was taking some test shots, waiting for the sun to set more and more. And it really caught me by surprise, I have to say, how wide 20mm was in comparison to what I was used to.

One of the first test shots with the D750. It is much wider then I anticipated.
This shot is SOOC (straight out of camera). It has not been edited.

When I got all the images loaded onto the computer and started looking through them and editing them, I also noticed something else. Not only could I get away with a so much higher ISO setting, the dynamic range of this camera is so much better then what I was used to, as well. Both the highlights and shadows had so much more detail. I could easily save images which, before, would've been thrown out.

Another shot SOOC. I got some unwanted shadow in the bottom-left corner due to the use of
a cheap china-knock off of a ND-filter. But now, I could easily save this shot.

So, overall, I'm very happy so far, with the performance of this D750. Let's see how it holds in the heath of 'battle'.

Below is the final image that I got away with from this test shoot.

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