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The annual musical production of the Cals College (MusiCals) is something I've been a part of now for a while. With the 2015 musical, Chicago, I mark my 10th year - which is including the years I've done it as a student at the school.

Even though the whole producten, cast and crew, every year, is something I've grown quite fond off, this 10 year mark also marks my last musical at the school. As a sort-of-head-technician, that is.

After helping as a student theatre technician, with these productions, for 6 years, I came back to the school after graduating from it and starting working there. I trained, helped and led the student technicians and showed them the bits and pieces of the profession.

But, this is the final year. After this year I've chosen to quit this job. My work in the local theatre and working freelance as a photographer and theatre technician has grown more and more. And now, the time has come to make the step.

So, this was a special one, for me. And, I have to say.. The student did one heck of a job. I didn't even have to do that much during the four performances. (Which is a good thing!)

And even though they're not complete rid of me, yet, at the school, this was the last musical where I worked full-time with the boys and girls of the technical crew.

But, like I said, they're not complete rid of me, yet. I've been asked to come over, again, next year and take photos of the performances. Which I'd like a lot.

So I'll be present again at, at least, the Q2Q, dress rehearsal and a performance.

But it'll be weird, I can only imagine, not helping out the students, here and there. Or jumping to my feet when some light is off, or whatever.

But.. I'm happy with my decision. It'll be good.

I'm looking forward to next years performance and the excitement of the cast.

To see a couple more highlights of the show, click on any of the photos in this blogpost. It'll take you to the album.

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