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I've been welcomed here, over two weeks ago, now.

But it's been so busy after that, that I've had trouble finding time to update my blog. So, hereby, once again, an update.

I'm in Gray Creek, at the moment. Close to the middle of nowhere. :) I'm staying at some amazing people, in the middle of a wonderful community.

Everybody's really friendly and there are even some people that I can speak Dutch with!

So, for now a quick view of something I've done here.. We've been on a walk around some of the area here. Almost like the backyard. And that already is really amazing.

Above you see a view that is approximately ten minutes walking from the house! A nice field filled with flowers and a nice view of the hill across the lake.

When we walked further and further in to the bush, we came across the creek. (The Gray Creek) The current was surprisingly fast, but this is because all of the snow that is melting on top of the mountains, since summer is almost here.

A couple of days ago it was 27ºC in the shade. Something I'm not used to!

The creek has some amazing spots and views, as you see in the photo above. This mini-waterfall is apparently one of the most normal things, over here. I found it amazing to watch. :)

Luckily my lovely guides knew all the best spots, since it practically is there backyard.

My lovely guides.

There even was some sort of a path.

And, then we were at the road again and headed back home.

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